Early ALERTâ„¢

Our Early ALERTâ„¢ system protects your identity from the very beginning of a threat.

  • This innovative early detection and warning system utilizes a proprietary system to provide worry-free identity protection 24/7. We scan hundreds of financial and non-financial data sources at various intervals. Identity Ease then notifies consumers of address changes that typically signal an identity theft in progress.
  • Monitored data sources include, but are not limited to all 3 credit bureaus, financial institutions, insurance groups, real property records, subscriptions, etc.
  • When address changes associated with your ID information are detected, you’ll be immediately notified by a personal phone call.

Enhanced Monitoring

Early Alert also provides you with the option of updating Early Alert for enhanced monitoring by providing us with more information about you. Obviously, the more we know the better we can protect you. Regardless of whether or not you update Early Alert, you are protected.  Once you enroll you will receive a welcome packet that will show you how to update your information.