Identity protection

Full suite of privacy products including:

Early ALERTâ„¢

  • This innovative early detection and warning system utilizes a proprietary system to provide worry-free identity protection 24/7. We scan hundreds of financial and non-financial data sources at various intervals. Identity Ease then notifies consumers of address changes that typically signal an identity theft in progress.
  • Monitored data sources include, but are not limited to all 3 credit bureaus, financial institutions, insurance groups, real property records, subscriptions, etc.
  • When address changes associated with your ID information are detected, you’ll be immediately notified by a personal phone call.

Identity restoration

  • Recovery kit – ID theft recovery kit complete with pre-written correspondence for creditors and bureaus.
  • Restoration – We give members the option to manage this process themselves or to have us do it for them.
  • Victim Assistance – 24/7 access to trained identity theft specialists who aid in the recovery process.

ID theft insurance

  • Personal internet identity coverage policy covers up to $25,000 with a $0 deductible.
  • Coverage is provided for lost wages as a result of time off work related to a stolen identity event for up to $500 a week for four weeks after.
  • This benefit also covers expense reimbursement such as expenses related to the recovery of your identity, including defense costs for certain civil suits, re-filing for loans and reimbursement of fees.


  • This monthly publication is designed to educate you and increase your understanding of identity protection issues.